Big thanks to ITA's Michael Casey.

I spent yesterday in San Diego with ITA’s Michael Casey and Josh Levenson, President of Kaplan Professional Schools. ITA has an absolutely fantastic hands-on inspection lab at their school.

Michael is about the nicest fella in the world. I took quite a few shots (in jest of course) at ASHI (Michael is an ex-President of the evil empire :wink: ) and he and Josh graciously laughed at all my jokes. I know that anyone who has ever met either of them will concur… real gentlemen.

I’d like to congratulate Michael, Josh, Dana and Asha on their great home inspection program and thank all of them for treating me so well yesterday. I highly recommend their school to anyone considering the home inspection profession. They are not just in San Diego… they have well equiped schools/labs/classrooms in 20 locations across America.

Visit ITA’s booths at or their website at

I use ITA’s matrix Deluxe report system and love it. I just wish that they would offer Nachi’s S.O.P. Curently they just offer Ashi and Nahi S.O.P.s.

Bill, I have been informed by ITA that NACHI’s SOP is being added to their software as we speak.

I am also asking everyone to check out ITA’s website: It is now totally NACHI-friendly.

They also offer radon and mold classes. I got to tour one of their first class class rooms last week and it really was first class. Anyone who graduates from an ITA school should be very proud. ITA is the Harvard of inspection education.

Visit the ITA booths at NACHI’s convention Asha herself will be there ready to help home inspectors one-on-one.

Or visit their NACHI-friendly site:

Nick, I also use the ITA matrix deluxe reports. Could you find out if they would replace the ASHI SOP part of the reports with our NACHI SOP for those of us that would like to have them swoped out. I have about 5 or 6 of them that I have no use for.

I obtained most of my formal home inspector training at ITA and can attest to the fact that they are one of the best. Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to have taken the New Construction course under Mike Casey’s tutelage. I would recommend ITA and Mike’s Code-Check books to anyone who is really seeking a top-notch HI education.

lol…Nick now you need to get them to let me do their electrical training portion in their northern virginia location…lol…

In all…I did a full week of refresh with them and they are great people and do a good job.

Also you can ask them…the entire week I beat NACHI into the brains of the local guys…they asked me was I am paid endorser of NACHI and I said…nope…lol

Nick Good Job
I was at Ill school open house and the ASHI guy was handing out his stuff, a lot of Il HI go through ITA, good that you are making an in road

ITA do all my marketing material, which I think is some the best I have seen (not that I am blowing my own trumpet)

Read and enjoy:

Jason… DONE.

NACHI’s Standards of Practice is now available for purchase with the ITA binder and tab sets (bundles)… or individually.

Excellent - Good job Nick and Thanks ITA!!

Will they exchange our ASHI copies for NACHI?