Big Update for the Online Agreements

Great stuff Tim, thanks.

Another feature would be to be able to automatically individually customize the template with elements from the input data like the clients name and the address of the property in the subject of the email… Just sayin’.

I really love this system.

Hi Tim, the updates are great improvement. I use the system and very happy with it. Here is an idea to make it even better.

What about integrating the Monthly News Letter and Fetchreport. It would be nice to only enter customer data once (i.e.Name, Address, etc.). If you add an Inspection Date field to the agreement or a check box to add News Letter, then the system can auto generate a reminded to the Inspector next day to complete the New Letter. If the Inspector chooses to finish the New Letter then the Customer info will be auto filled.

Hi guys!

Thanks for the suggestions. they’re what keep making this system better.

Joe (or is it Bob? :)) - I’ll add the subject line in later today.

John - that’s actually exactly what our plans are. But it requires rebuilding both FetchReport and the Newsletter, both of which are in the works. We’ll keep you updated!


We’re going to integrate these 5 into one big Inspector Dashboard that does everything for members.

Why not partner with WeMakeItSafer and offer an appliance recall checking tool too?

InterNACHI built its own recall checking feature but did not release it.

Why not? What was the purpose of building it if know one can use it. After sample testing was it determined not reliable?

Can’t compete with Nathan now that he is allegedly a co-owner.

Co-owner of InterNACHI, or the recall checking thingy?

We built inspection software too. We build a lot of stuff we don’t release.

If our industry vendors are doing a good job at providing the products and services our members want, there is no reason for InterNACHI to overlap. We have plenty of specialties already: approved inspection courses, inspection company logos, inspection brochure designs, inspection textbooks, inspector marketing programs, inspection webinars, inspection articles, commercial standards, inspection-related graphics, this inspection message board, etc.

Who decides if they are doing a good job? I for one will never use any product offered by Nathan. But I would like to offer a recall check if I could get it from somewhere else.

That is too bad, I’m sure that there are many home inspectors who would avail themselves of a NACHI recall checking tool which didn’t compromise their company privacy policy or sold their clients personal data to third party vendors.

I even coined the perfect NACHI name for the tool… FREECall Check.

This tool would do for NACHI what ASHI couldn’t do with their Branding campagin… Awaken the public to the NACHI Brand. Think about it, please. :-k

You’ve read the same posts I have. What do you think?

Note there has been no denying the comment since it was posted above.

“…Quick, don’t look! Someone may see it”!

Are you no longer a Nachi member?


Greg writes:


I definitely noticed the spin (no direct answer) last night at the 2 responding post.

Sorry, what is the question?

BTW, Greg, sorry, your membership was a problem on my end, I’m fixing now.