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The house’s perimeter foundation was raised concrete abt 2 foot high.
The house felt sturdy, no sag or softness in the floor, all the windows opened closed…no indication of foundation problems. Underneath ( in the crawl space)… I observed these piers. These were underneath the kitchen
and dining room. What should be the desciption or (write up). Does it
warrant a correction?

I’d note the cracks in the poured concrete.

What is the pier made of? Is it only under one joists?..Why?

Even if some of the information is missing,they are balancing an I beam on what looks like a stack of walkway Pavers.

Is that what that is?..hard to tell from here.

I agree, but that’s an upgrade from original design. And it’s probably been functioning as intended for 30 yrs. or more. :mrgreen: