Biggest Toy Recalls of 2013

Check this out before you buy any toys for the kiddies.

They still make the Snoopy snow cone machines?

Children shouldn’t be given toys like that anyway (toys that are noisy, bright-colored, battery-operated, etc). Children need very dull-colored, simple toys so that they can develop their imagination. This past year I delivered a ton of bricks to a grade school playground. The children love them and build something every day with the bricks. Want a smart kid with a creative imagination that will last a lifetime? Give him/her a ton of bricks.

very true Nick. my wife has a home daycare and I have a house and basement full of toys the wife rotates in and out of the play room. the greatest toys the kids love is a large empty box they can decorate and use imagination to play with it.

Yep. Cardboard boxes and bricks create geniuses.

As long as they do not progress to play Knock Out with the bricks!