Bill are you going to the conference?

It will be great to hear you explain the questions asked.

Could you provide more details and documents on the certification process?

If you can not make it, can you send Mike Guihan?

Look forward to your response

Thanks Bill Merry Christmas.


I am willing to try to answer any question that is asked politely and with respect. Please see my very first message which laid out the ground rules. I have to establish boundaries or any conversation can deteriorate into a useless shouting match. I am going to allot 30 minutes each night to post messages or answers on this forum. I just can’t spare any more time, so I might not be able to answer everything immediately, and I sure as heck don’t want to waste those minutes arguing.

I’ve been trying to provide more details but I seem to be defending the program more than getting productive information out.

When I get a chance, I will post a few documents. A few are being revised to correct some small spelling or grammar errors that were picked up during a final read-through.

I see no reason why* I *can’t make it to the convention. I was invited by the owner and founder of this organization and between the two of us we are trying to build some bridges.

If for any reason it becomes impossible for me to come, don’t count on Mike Guihan or anyone else from CAHPI coming. I am not attending as a representative of CAHPI, and as I made clear in my first message, they have neither encouraged nor discouraged it, but I can’t think of anyone first who knows more about the program than I do and second, nobody else would be willing to subject themself to what I have had to endure.

In fairness, can you think of anyone else who has offered to try to inform you guys other than Claude and me? Neither of us has a lot of spare time and we don’t have to say a word if we don’t want to.

What nobody understands or appreciates is that without my refusal to back down, there might not have been as much NACHI participation in the Pilot Project. I have lost track of the number of meetings in which some in my own association considered me a traitor for insisting on more people from NACHI being included.

When some NACHI members decided to quit the Pilot Project, some thought that would be a good chance to add more CAHPI people in their place. I refused and insisted on NACHI members replacing them.

You see, Bob, I get it from both sides, but like a horse with blinders on I see the future of our industry as very promising, with everyone working together for the profession, not strictly for their own association’s betterment.

That’s one reason I find it so frustrating when someone makes up ‘facts and figures’ just to make an argument. Nick and a few of your fellow members can likely tell you that I have gone to the mat for NACHI members and others outside CAHPI and I continue to do so.

Bill Mullen

Bill does the word narcissist mean anything to you? :wink: :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas from one liar to another! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

"In fairness, can you think of anyone else who has offered to try to inform you guys…" Certainly nobody from CAPHI.

"What nobody understands or appreciates is that without my refusal to back down, there might not have been as much NACHI participation in the Pilot Project." Not quite the fair and open programme that CMHC had in mind?

Thank you Bill for illustrating the exclusionary mind set, and desire to operate the national without the participation of other organizations and non aligned inspectors, far better than I ever could.

Not ‘making up facts’ as you charge. Just quoting you.

You win Raymond. You can have the entire forum to yourself.

Nick, when you get rid of him I’ll be happy to help your genuinely interested members. Until then, I have better things to do than subject myself to this crap.

If any NACHI members wish to ask me questions privately, please contact me at

Bill Mullen

Just telling it like it is. That’s no worse than the feelings of some NACHI members towards CAHPI. It goes with the territory when people feel strongly about their association.

It IS a fair and open program because of people like me.

Bill Mullen


Now see what you did. Bill is gone. :mrgreen:

Its way too easy, to sit around and post unjustified criticism and launch personal attacks by name. That is pathetic indeed. It says a lot about the posters.

[FONT=Verdana]Then there is the group that thinks that everything is a plot, usually somehow against them. That in itself could easily be resolved if people really wanted Nicks offer for a discussion with Bill to really work. It’s very unfortunate for those that showed Bill respect.

Perhaps looking at the past even in the old archives not only provides a history lesson to this discussion, who keep questioning motives. It also provides clues to why things continually turn out going nowhere - it is because history keeps repeating itself - so in the end the commuincation never changes, nor does it seem that it will ever change.

It another opportunity lost![/FONT]


At the [our] Convention in May 2007 will you walk away if the questions get tough?

On this board you tried to disarm us all with your first post [rules].We are all men here Bill we don’t need someone telling us the rules of engagement prior to posting our opinions.I think all questions posted here were legit and you were treated with respect.Now you just want to take your ball and go home.
Grow up!


Why don’t you inform Bill that he can use his ignore option. And stop with all this childish behavior and get back to answering questions from NACHI members about the NC.

Ditto - but it works two ways. That’s the beauty of communication. It does not start by trashing people. That is generally what turns people off other than a few who get their thrills in treating people with disrespect. The other part is no person needs to be abused.

Certainly from a history POV = people need to move forward, but do you see what keeps happening when people won’t let go of the past!

BTW: It is not my job to inform him - I am quite sure he is as capable as anyone else of reading the post. Or (wink, wink) shall I make a deal to tell my people if you tell your people to tone it down. Wasn’t one of your people the one badmouthing Wendy just a little while ago.

I trust that everyone now understands why I call Bill my friend. He hung in there way longer than I would have. I tip my hat to him.

How can you say he was treated with respect? :frowning: It’s completely disheartening to see that this crap goes on, year after year.

Nick. You have to realize that people are driven off by this crap. Look how many people disappear year after year on this forum. Because you don’t moderate crap like this, you allow fellow professionals to be trod underfoot, and you end up left with the nasty people you see here.

There’s not much to be proud of here. Not much at all. If Bill did show up at the convention I’d be surprised, and if he was treated this way in public I would hope the dissenters would be kicked out of the convention. :neutral:

How can anyone get down to serious business with all this ****e? Do you see any of this on other forums? If you do, what happens to them? They get kicked off. Chaos is nothing to be proud of. Having forum rules is not censorship, it’s organization. Which is what this is supposed to be. :frowning:

Oh, and THANK YOU to all of you who gave me 13 positive points in one day!

Gee I wonder is that an omen getting 13 points is to some a


Claude I guess you learned different things at school then I did.
To call a person a LIAR years ago was the same a slapping then in the face with a glove a challenge to a duel usually with pistol’s .
That is just about the lowest thing you can say in my openion .
We all saw who laid down the first challenge and it was not any NACHI members.
It’s the old story if you can’t take the heat then stay out of the kitchen.
Mullen means "Pleasant " some how bill has some difficultly living up to his name


It was actually 14, I miscounted. However, I am not superstitious.

In the same vein as your posts, “I think you are just jealous because I have a green box, and yours is all grey and shriveled up. I know it looks green, but upon closer examination…”

Wendy"Happy to be green"Forsyth

A Proud Member of the Green Box Club!:smiley:

Gee I see you have another affliction also too bad.
Are these afflictions any excuse for the way you act I do not think so .

**Daltonism **deuteranopia. and you admit you can’t count either


Moderate? That’s called censorship. Maybe you can handle it but I can’t.

Wendy have you ever thought of moving to Cuba? With your beliefs about moderation…well you would fit right in.

Will you be at our Convention?


I’m the first one to defend Wendy when she is “Bad Mouthed”…but sometimes she sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong.