Bill C-11 and C-30

CNET: Government censorship online coming from western democracies](
We need to be especially vigilant as Minister Toews continues to attempt to install his warrantless online spying scheme, Bill C-30, and as Canada considers signing onto the secretive and controversial TPP agreement, which, among other things, would step up the restrictions from controversial copyright bill C-11 and expand Big Media’s powers to lock down the Internet.

Big Media’s lobbyists are still pushing hard for the lockdown of the Internet, and they are using flawed research to justify it. Their leading lobby group, the Canadian Intellectual Property Council (CIPC), released a report on World Anti Counterfeiting Day emphasizing the necessity for copyright law similar to the highly unpopular SOPA legislation that was recently defeated in the U.S. The report calls for the swift passing of Copyright Bill C-11, but says that this is only a step in the right direction and more action must be taken, including the implementation of the secretive international copyright agreement ACTA, and massive surveillance at the border.

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This update talks about the TPP meeting and the proposals to restrict our freedom to use the Internet.

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