Bill Clinton: Don't Underestimate Sarah Palin

Bill Clinton: Don’t Underestimate Sarah Palin

Democrats who think Sarah Palin would be an easy mark if she were the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 should be careful what they wish for, says former President Bill Clinton.

I think he is right…:mrgreen:

Zogby: Democrats Pulling Ahead of GOP

Democrats have taken a 1 percentage point lead over Republicans on which party’s candidate voters intend to choose in congressional elections, and President Barack Obama’s approval rating has increased to 49 percent.

These results from a Zogby Interactive poll conducted from Sept. 17-20 are the first since mid-May that found the Democrats ahead in the congressional generic ballot question.

In an interactive poll conducted from Sept. 10-14, Republicans held a 47-41 percent lead.

Let’s hear the spin…

James Zogby, the head of Zogby international, attributed the upswing to President Barack Obama’s recent remarks on both the GOP and the possible extension of the Bush administration’s tax cuts.

It’s Bush’s fault… LOL… that is too funny…!** :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

So let me get this straight.

Democrats are more popular if they are perceived to follow Bushes tax policy?

Wow! Who’d a thunk. :wink:

Now the big question is: Should you trust them?

That’s my boys.

This is truly feel good mental masturbation on the part of Palin supporters, there is no telling what the political landscape will look like in 2012. :roll:

That is too funny… I am still ROTFLMAO…:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I think Bill Clinton’s comments makes you libs on the forum look silly. :mrgreen:

How so?

When did you start believing Slick Willie? :wink:

It might have been during one of those late season trades, I think we got Karl Rove in the bargain, what were they thinking? #-o

You have to respect Bill Clinton’s ability to get reelected in 1996.

After he lost the House in '94 he had little choice but to run toward the center if not the right on several issues.

Watch for a repeat in the coming years.