Bill for mold requirement in WA State

There’s a bill in the Senate that would require “looking for mold” on a home inspection. Charles Buell has blogged about it here. It seems to me that supporters of home inspector licensing should also support this requirement. If a pro-licensing inspector’s true position was that it provides “consumer protection”, wouldn’t a requirement to report on mold be a good thing?

I bet your Realtor PAC will kill this bill.

It did last time. I’m sure it will die again.

Kevin, mold is a “building science” issue not a “mold” issue. Any home inspector that is not reporting on mold or conditions conducive to mold is already way out on a limb. Being held to a standard where we would have to say there was no mold in a house is even further out on a limb. Of course the “mold industry” would love to have it otherwise.

I agree.

that bill appears to not have met the deadline for House action and maybe dead

I lived in Bellevue WA back in the 80’s for a few months. Hated it. Rained everyday. My sidewalk was green with mold; would that be on a report? Saw a brand new boat one time on Lake Washington that was only 3 months old. Buddy and I went to look at it, and it had mold spots the size of quarters all over the inside. Mold is everywhere, guys.