Bill Gates??????

What is the scoop does not Bill Gates have all of the money in the world and is trying to get more.

Was informed yesterday that Microsoft is no longer going to support Front Page as a choice of software to upload to your web host server. I am not web page savvy so my information is second hand from my web designer don’t know If I understand what is actually happening but sounds to me as if Mr. Gates is forcing everyone with front page to purchase upgraded software. Am I reading this right. What is going On Dom explain please in plain English.

What happened to FrontPage?

*After nine years of being an award-winning Web authoring tool, FrontPage will be discontinued in late 2006. We will continue to serve the diverse needs of our existing FrontPage customers with the introduction of two brand-new application building and Web authoring tools using the latest technologies: Office SharePoint Designer 2007 for the enterprise information workers and Expression Web for the professional Web designe

*more info

Looks like Microsoft has decided to “exceed” their SOP.:wink:


It is no different than Windows 98, ME or any other old programs. The programs have aged to the point that they no longer are able to meet today’s standards. It does not make economic sense to keep a staff on to support an older program. Quite frustrating at times but usually there are message boards where you can get better help than from someone who is just reading from a script.

I was in the same boat with my website software. It does not support Java, flash or many of the current and commonly used programs. I found Site Spinner and it does all these things as well as makes it much easier to change all the important SEO items. I should be done with my new site this week.

Thanks Mike appreciate it. Noticed someone else had to put in his two cents What does SOP have to do with the price of apples. Mike did you ever hear the old saying Everyone likes a little A** but no one likes a wise A** might be approiate as a response. Yes Bushart I exceed SOP’s and am proud that I have the ability, my clients like it

Thanks Steve one of these days I may learn how to do this junk:D I can wire a house, I can plumb a house, I can install heat and air I cannot do web pages burns my Butt not knowing how to do something, guess I need to go to school.

It’s exactly as the others said. They want to make more money. By stopping all development they FORCE everyone to buy their new web design program. Before people would just keep using old versions of frontpage as the newer versions didn’t add that much. The crappy thing is not only do you have to buy new software but so do all the schools, as well as new textbooks. New money for the them too.
Don’t worry, we’ll get you set up with the new Home Inspector Pro hosting service, it will be even easier for you to use than frontpage was.

Microsoft OS is a joke. Its so convoluted and backwards and not user friendly at all.

You can’t access Microsoft updates using Mozilla, you are forced to use Internet Explorer.

Its a monopolistic parasite.

That’s part of the reason I help move 500 school computers to Ubuntu (linux) and OpenOffice a few weeks ago. Saved them about $50,000. There’s a free alternative program to ALMOST every commercial program out there. I even considered making Home Inspector Pro free at one point and just charging for the monthly upload service but since not all home inspectors would use the upload service I wouldn’t be able to make a living off of it.

Not to mention being responsible for the fact that you can buy a computer for $399 that is more powerful than the those on the space shuttle.:roll:

Love em or hate em they have brought computing to the masses.

Yup, they’ve definitely brought a lot of good stuff to the table too. I guess it’s hard when you get that large. Think of all the employees they have, all the tax revenue they generate, etc…

Not to mention all the millionaires they created;-)

Microsoft can’t even standardize its windows when you save files.

Because its a huge monopoly it buys out the competition. That doesn’t help create new intuitive, better functioning software.

Despite the huge conglomerate that MS is, the Mozilla issue, and the very poor Vista OS that I now use, Bill is not a bad guy. I got to meet him once when he threw a B-day for his pal Warren B. He does a great amount of charity work and genuinely does help people. He is extremely generous with his billions!!!

You can bash the Gates but I think you should look at what he puts out as donations and charity. Its not how much money you have, its what you do with it and gates understands this basic principle.

By the way, I am a MAC user!


Hehe, it’s ok Steve. Step away from the Windows machine, put the bat down…

A very good description of what takes place!

At one point MS themselves even lost track of what was in the CORE of the OS due to their secretive ways. They continually claim that 2000, XP then Vista was improved and/or a new CORE but the same problems occur over and over again. Seems to be many of the same issues as the old CORE had.

After years of working on Microscrew OS’ I moved to UNIX and LINUX and have not bothered to look back. Didn’t miss a thing and can still work on them now.

Dominic is correct as there are always alternatives in the “Open Source” world. As a matter of fact there is an exceptional Open Source editing package called Kompozer . It is outstanding and I love it. They bill it as a full functioning alternative to Front Page. The beauty is if there is a problem with it there are thousands of Open Source Techies out there writing corrections for it.


Correction to the above.

Ooops,mispelled the above. In keeping with the BB editing policy I will make the correction here and leave the original in place. Should have read:

“After years of working on Microsoft OS’”

Gee, my apologies to Microsoft!