Bill Gates??????

They are actually your, and everyone else’s billions, when you charge as much as they do for simple office applications (that are full of bugs and problems too) and use monopolistic techniques to force it on the masses then it is the billions made off the masses. He can certainly be generous with your billions.

By the way it would certainly be nice to see him drop ALL of those billions right here at home on the poor, elderly, etc., etc., etc. He certainly holds no awards in my book for his supposed generosity.

The biggest problem is that Bill did not start donating money until he was bashed by the public for not doing so. Now that he’s been doing it for a few years people have forgotten about the days where there was no donating. In fact his wife is the one who pushes the great charities and such.

Yep, That’s what I remember.
I guess you could say he learned to play the game.

I’ll bet he spends less in donations than he would have from the continued harassment by AGs and lawsuits.