Bill Mullen and the NCP... find out more...

Thanks for joining in the mix Bill

I’m just there for eye candy, Billy. :twisted:

Bill Mullen

No, Valerie is there for eye candy.

Bill, this thing is going to be fast and furious, so bring NCP literature to pass out to everyone as time is limited.

Now I’m disappointed. :slight_smile:

Actually, I fully agree, Nick.

I’ll bring oodles of stuff and maybe even some enticements.

Bill Mullen

I can see it will be tight for time, so I won’t plan on using too much. I can get much done just circulating.


I’ll send you an idea about what I intend to do and for how long when I get some time this week.

Bill Mullen


Whatever you do please don’t go over your allotted time. We have other important places to visit, like the landing strip! :shock: