Bill Mullen

Bill if you wish to make disparging remarks behind my back, I suggest you look in the mirror as to who is negative force in the industry. You have been caught repeatedly making false statements to suit your over inflated ego in conjunction with your need to solicit members to keep your National on the rails! You were told to stay away from the Ottawa Conference because you have been black balled by OAHI. Your boastful nature is your own worst enemy. If you have something to say about me I suggest you stop hiding and say it here on this public side!


You know what Bill is about. If it isn’t bull**** Bill didn’t say it!

Consider the Source…

Everyone Knows what Mr. Billy is About…

Well not everyone! :wink:

Everyone that needs to know…

Everyone else can Suffer…

Truly Unfortunate… Yes?

Yes Bill and Joe are tripping over one another to see who can out bull**** the minions. :slight_smile:

Did you mean onions?

Look, you cum wad, nobody has to put up with your ****.

I was not told to stay away from Ottawa In fact, I was needed at University Hospital in London, Ontario to help my wife overcome some serious brain disorders.

OAHI has not blackballed me, and I have no problem discussing your failures publicly.

In fact, Wandless, I remain the most influential Canadian Home Inspector. Chew it, swallow it, digest it and most importantly, **** it out, because its all true.
Fark you.

Bill Mullen

You wre made aware of my wife’s medical problems yet you feel it’s okay to attack me. Well, Mr. Raymond, your free ride is over.

You can **** with me but nobody messes with my wife’s health.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your pitiful life.

I will openly state that you, Raymond Wand are a blight on our industry and that you have lied to hurt others.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill now will you tell us the truth , Have you told any lies on this NACHI BB.


Bills extensive vocabulary:

Bill why don’t you tell everyone how you rec’d your CMI at no cost and none of the other requirements being met. For someone who holds himself high and mighty you sure show your ability to be discerning in ethical qualities. Knowing that you were being given a questionable title under mysterious circumstances you have proven you ability to faulter in making the right decisions.

Sorry to hear about your wife.

ray you have mail