Bill Mullen

Just got this off the OAHI Cafe Bill Mullen has resigned from CAHPI and OAHI. Looks like he is going to retire now that he has the national up and running.

Sorry to hear that even though it looked like I did not respect Bill I sure did he has been a big help to me many times over the years.
Hope he stays around he has a lot to add .many times I have not agreed with Bill and let all know .
I still think the National is wrong and need many improvements to make it fly.
As I have said many times I am a better friend then an enemy and To me there are few enemies in the home inspection industry only disagreements .
I hold no grudges and could sit down with any one at any time . Roy Cooke Hoping for a better future for all of us
. Thanks for the report Rob Much appreciated

No problem Roy and maybe I’ll see Bill in Calgary next week.

Wow, you sure are good at changing toons. I wonder if your “buddy” Mullen will be so quick to forget the many dozens of nasty things you’ve said about him over the years. All he has to do is search his own name on this forum and he’ll see that you and your sidekick are behind the majority of ugly and vicious posts. I already checked them out and surprisingly I could not find a nasty word about Mullens from anyone here but you and Ray.

With all due respect, Roy, you should remove your hollow and hypocritical words. It’s an insult to Mr Mullens.


Hi Dave

Lets not forget Bill was a master at speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Occassionally sticking both feet in too! Well at least we won’t have to listen to mistruths anymore and bravado.

You two have similar traits! :slight_smile:

Be sure to lets us know if Dave replies to you.


I do not really care or need you due respect I know what I do and how I feel . I do not change .
I have been constant all my life . I came up through the construction field great people and can hold my own Truth is what I practice and use my own Name . I also tell it the way it is .
I can disagree and argue with the Fitter at work and go plat pool that night with the same person Facts are facts.
Some say why do I bash OAHI . I have not Bashed OAHI I have stated they did not do not and have not followed their rules .
If you do not like that well thats your problem theme’s the facts .
I also will stand up for what is right and NACHI is more right then any other association .
Until some one can show me facts not your smart attacks on me and the NACHI members .
You blubber along in your little false world and try and convince every one how smart you are ( WHO IS YOU ).
You are all washed up and enjoy your own grander and it is worth zilch. Kiss your Mama and tell her you love her and Hope she loves you cause no one else loves a pretender .
Bill is not my Buddy either.
Roy Cooke

Hi Dave

What are you going to do without Billy Boy?

Who is bugmenot, you keep saying its me, but like many things you never provide any definitive proof, just like all the other s hi t you post!

You laid claim to bugmenot over a week ago now. I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. I’d suggest you drop the ruse, but it’s not like you have any credibility to protect. :roll:


You have zilch no knowledge the only things you know is what you see here and then you must be half blind for the amount you miss .
NACHI and its members are so far ahead of you in integrity and help others and be truthful to all. You are so slippery and slimy it is a shame they allow you out to try and upset good people in this great world. .
Roy Cooke Proud to be a NACHI member

It’s funny, when you didn’t immedialy respond to my post, but did to others, I thought it odd you were ignoring it. The I realized Raymond/bugmenot must be out and you were waiting for your little tag team buddy to come home before you started in on me.

As for my “smart attacks” on you, it doesn’t feel very pleasant now does it. Well at least now you have an idea of how it must feel for all the people you’ve attacked, libeled and hurt over the years. It’s not nice, is it? Maybe you should take hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what’s to be gained by always hurting others?

I’m only dishing out a little of your own medicine, Roy, so if you don’t like it too bad because you have earned every drop of it. Same goes double for Raymond/bugmenot. And all your friends here at NACHI can think what they will of me, but that won’t change the fact that you and Ray/bugmenot have been behind most of the unnecessary badmouthing for many years now.


Explain to me Roy how posting some old BBB complaint against Bill Mullens was helping anyone at NACHI? Sure, your going to say it wasn’t you it was Ray/bugmenot, but you didn’t say a peep against Ray’s posting it, did you. :oops: It was disgusting and shameful and served no purpose but to make both of you feel like men for a minute. Furthermore, it wasn’t like it was readily available. Ray/bugmenot had to go hunting for it, desperate to find any dirt to make Bill look bad.

You can call me whatever you want, but in fact it is your ACTIONS or lack thereof that speak much louder than your words. Posting something as totally irrelevant as that old BBB complaint is about as slippery and slimey as it gets. It’s no different than that secret letter your trying to protect and you and Ray are no better than the guy who sent that letter. You are both cowards equally, but you should be especially ashamed of yourself for trying to say nice things about Bill after beating him up on many dozens of posts over the past few years.

You two think you know who I am, but it’s only because you so severely underestimate the number of enemies you have both gained over the years here in Canada. You and Ray are dispised by far more people than you’ll ever know, seriously.


No I was watching the Nascar truck race .
(#6Mark Martin won )
Still looking for you to help some one ,did you ever make that mistake and do it , It really is a nice feeling .tell mama you love her she need it
see you realy are not as smart as you think you are.
You can not deal my medicine as I never vary .
I am the most constant person you will meet if you ever do .
I have never varried from helping all home inspectors .
I have never varried in helping any associations I have belonged to .
I do very well thanke and all did as I do then it would be a great world.
I am alwasy early and help out at all meetings . as I said before try it you might like it .
You can not no matter how hard you try put words in my mouth.
I have to say you are a smart mouth calling me a coward you who is ashamed of your self.
So sorry to hurt your feelings but I guess you know the truth hurts some times .
You say people I liabled If that wis the case I guess they are like you no gonads to stand up for what they think is right , tell me do you sit down to pee

One day, the big cheese upstairs will hold us all accountable for how we acted in life. I just hope I’m not standing near you or Ray when you two have to explain this mess you’ve created. :oops::oops::oops:


Asper usual never answer a question .
I am starting to think you might not be a man and you might olove politicks never answer a question . tell mama you love her. also remember to tell her you re a wimp.
you do not have to worry about meeting me next to (he big cheese up
stairs as you say) cause I do not believe in fairy tales. There is no such place Good l
night wimp.
roy cooke

Tsk tsk… you’ll never learn will you. :roll: Just remember, Roy, you have ten times more enemies than I do or than anyone I know. What a terrible thing to take to the grave. But you’ve earned every last one of them. What do you think your parents would have to say about the Cooke family name being placed at the bottom of all your vile, hurtful, unnecessary attacks against so many people over the years? You think they’d be proud?

So what about that BBB complaint against Bill M. posted here by Ray? I notice you have nothing to say about that. How is Ray posting that complaint any different than the person who sent out the secret letter? I suspect I won’t get an answer out of you, but anyone reading this can already figure out the real answer for themselves.

Say whatever you want about me, Roy, but your history will remain unchanged and its not a history to be proud of.


Evade Evade evade no matter how you handle it . It happened and so if you do not like it to bad . You say so many things you are just like the empty wagon lots of noise but nothing inside you have repeated so many things and have absolutly nothing to back up your self . I repeat you are a selfish trouble maker with zip information who hides and makes statements . Shame what a poor way to go through life no friends . Do you sneak out at night and spray gratifity on the building and fences and do you also get you gollies looking in windows after dark . So sad you have no life of you own poor little baby suck . I guess you where weaned to soon whe you where smaller . I have to work tomorrow so please put a biy of honey on your thumb it will help you go to sleep. Nitty nite little one .
Roy Cooke .

Sounds to me like I hit the nail right on the head and have upset you to no end over it. :lol:

I don’t care what you say. I have no respect for you so your words have no power over me. My hope is that you will learn something from this and think the next time you get the urge to post your hurtful and totally unnecessary attacks against Bill Mullens or anyone else who are not members here.

This forum is under public scrutiny and is supposed to be a place where professionals can converse in a safe and friendly environment. Do you think that the daily posts you and Ray put out about others are in any way professional? Do you think it helps or hurts NACHI’s image when customers and other outsiders come here and read the crap you post? I’m hoping you realize the answer is no!

Grow up Roy and Ray. Stop abusing this forum and maybe in time you’ll begin to regain some of the repsect and credibility you’ve lost over the years with so many.

Yes, you have a few followers here, but they never stick around. They hang on for a few months and then wake up one day and realize their reputation is being dragged into the gutter by all the nasty bitter garbage you two post, and then they move on and the next new follower joins your little circus for a while. No one ever lasts more than six months. That says a lot about you two.

I know Ray has no dillusions about how many people in Canada detest and dispise him, he’s known for a very long time that all his friends are gone, but I’m afraid that you still think you’ve got friends here. You don’t, Roy. You’ve burned all your bridges and no one likes or respects you in the least bit. I know because I’ve spoken to them over the years, and I’ve even heard from them by PM on this forum.

You can change that. The question is, are you willing to.


Thanks Wendy!

This is getting to be embarrassing