Bill Mullen's new website is very professional looking.

Looks great Bill…

Submit it to and we’ll pump it up.

Although he’s got INACHI and CMI logos on it, read further!!

"To ensure that your inspector is a qualified professional, select one who is a member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors.
*Many organizations require only an application fee for membership. Some claim to offer certification but don’t require exams or proven credentials. *

CAHPI is the only national non-profit professional organization in Canada that rigorously tests home inspectors about their technical knowledge and diagnostic expertise prior to their membership in the organization as well as requiring continuing education after admission to keep current with new technology and building practices."
(thanks, Frank)

Thanks for looking out for us, MacWeezle.

Those statements are fine as we view them as we would local chapter references or special certifications.

We’re still working on the website. There will be further changes, but I felt I should at least get the logos and links on the site.

Bill Mullen

Bill site looks great, a greenie to you

It might be better if the link that says… “International Association of Certified Home Inspectors” pointed to InterNACHI… but at least I now know where to get some robotic automation solutions!

Happy to be of assistance, David. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bring the robot Aug 14:mrgreen:

Jeezus, JB!!! When do you do any inspections?

I did one just down the road from my place and was home for lunch, then off to town for another but…4 minutes after my post…there’s JB on the boards. Get out for some air and sunshine!!! It good for health and disposition!!

With James posting (6.72 posts per day) he sure is busy alright! All talk, all wind, and more to come!


Are you in drag while writing this?

You have a mistake on your link to nachi. It is .org not .com. COM takes you to a Nipon bearing manufacture or some such place. And one of your other links does not work.

Nick’s calculated posting that Bill Mullen’s revamped website finally looks professional - has only been published because the former ***“President of CAHPI” ***has no more scruples to openly advertise to be a **"NACHI Certified Home Inspector" **- but also to have become a designated **“Master Home Inspector” **of the same US enterprise.

Having been a very enthusiastic founding member of the OAHI - I now sympathize with any member who is upset about the dilapidated and hopeless state of the Canadian home inspection industry. But I still have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who believes that salvation for our Canadian dilemma can only be found south of the border.

**Rudolf Reusse **- Home Inspector without any designation or affiliation for over five years.

Could it be that your moribund contribution of late is partly to blame for the present state of the Canadian home inspection industry?

Poor guy, nobody will have him! :frowning:

Hear!! Hear!! Very well said, Rudolph.

It is very sharp short crisp and to the point.
Well done.

**Rudolf Reusse **- Home Inspector without any designation or affiliation for over five years.

Hey, Ken!!

Maybe he doesn’t need anyone or association to give him credibility…This guy works on reputation and not a bunch of easily earned logos and cracker jack box certifications. Doesn’t appear to use a website to generate work…How does he do it? He’s been inspecting since 1976, just about when you were learning not to hit your thumb with a hammer.

Can you match that???

Oh!! Just looked at your website…it’s so.o.o.o.o.o NACHI…you can tell them a mile away. What’s with the critters? You checking houses for wolves??? Quite the area you live in!!