Bill presented to Senate

This is the bill that was presented to the senate today.

Page 5 & 6 Removes the repair clause.

Page 6 changes endorsment to grandfathering for ICC, building inspectors and divison 1 contractors.

Page 28 requires you to take a wind mit course approved by the construction industry licensing board.

Looks like page 6 will make some money for ICC and those selling/teaching ICC courses while grandfathering goes on for another freaking year.


Grandfathering is for those 3 categories only. The good thing is that they changed it from endorsement to grandfathering. Calling it endorsement would have set a precedent that the contractors could have used to get into any profession.

Yes ICC certification (R5) will be the fastest and least expensive way to obtain a license until 7-1-2012. Looks like the schools will have to wait another year for the windfall from their 120 hour course.

Thanks Greg

If grandfathering is right…it is right for everyone.

Please explain as I don’t understand.

Are we grandfathered in by our current home inspection licences? Sounds like a stupid question, but at this point I could believe anything could happen.

This bill does nothing to anyone that already has a license.

The only affect it will have on someone licensed now is the wind mit. You are going to have to take Bill Yorks wind mit class.

Oh, great that will be the SIXTH class with a test. Gee, I hope I pass it.

Why end grandfathering for those rushing to take a class and pass the NACHI exam…and not end grandfathering for those rushing to take an ICC class and pass an ICC exam?

Same concept…different recipient of funds, IMO.

It is just a play on words. Had it stayed as endorsement then it would have set a precedent that would have allowed contractors to gain any license they wanted through endorsement. By changing it to grandfathering that can be avoided.

The removal of the repair clause is the direct result of lobbying by the Florida Home Inspector’s Council.

The reduction from licensing by endorsement FOREVER to grandfathering for 1 more year is the direct result of lobbying by the Florida Home Inspector’s Council. (Believe me, we would have like to have gotten rid of it altogether, but that wasn’t going to happen. We can live with 1 yr. Most of the people that would take advantage of it already have, which is why we now have over 3000 home inspectors, half of whom have never performed and inspection… . . )

Soooooo, does this mean that a licensed HI cannot do wind mit with the NACHI wind mit coourse?

I hope the State does not make the terrible mistake of prohibiting Contractors from doing what they are legally allowed and qualified to do.

That would be a terrible injustice to all. Clients and Contractor both.

As I understand it,
The NACHI course should be accepted until July 1 2011. After that date you cannot do wind mits unless you have the approved training. As of this date the NACHI course will not be on that list.

Now is time for the Nick Power to step in and defend the INACHI W/M course. Get on Nick! Do what you do best, stick it to them!!!

I asked Nick this morning to get the NACHI course approved if it isn’t already. He’ll get it done.

Is nachi working on gaining approval of its wind mit course? Anybody know?

The INACHI windmit course needs a lot of work. I volunteer to help others (that’s a hint Greg, John, and others ) that really know this crap to jump on board to make it all it can be and isn’t. Call me if I can help, but understand none of this is carved in stone by the powers to be and it all keeps changing which is why a concensus of opinions is important.

Nick is having Lisa and Ben submit the course for approval tomorrow. If they don’t approve it, they will say why, and the course can be improved or tweaked to meet what the construction board wants.