Bill York's Class This Month

For those of us who took the course & passed the exam, our names have been added to the list.

I got a certificate in the mail today

Does anyone know if he plans on doing anything online. Maybe a web-cast class or something?

I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. much to lucrative the way it is, plus i believe a proctored final exam (which he currently has) will be a requirement for the State to approve the course for the “additionl training needed” for HI to be able to sign wind mits.

Oh well maybe someday he will write a course for InterNACHI members.

Why would he do that?

Why would he do that? He has a course now that is for everyone. You just need to get off that wallet and go take his course.

Just an FYI the current NACHI course looks like someone stole his material to write the course.

Haven’t looked at the NACHI course lately, but is was straight out of the My Safe Florida Homes course when I looked before.

Yep it was when I took it. I guess they all use the same stuff.

I would like to just have the Nachi Class updated. I would even help put it together.

Logically, one would hope they were all putting out the same material. That is kinda the point. If everyone just put out what they “think” was important, necessary and acceptable by the OIR and the State of FL. Wait a minute…

I agree — Minor revisions needed. — would be nice to add some question and answer scenarios to the course – Its more self explanatory that way and it answers more of the in field questions that arise in actual situations.