Billy Boerner's SEO Webinar

Billy did a wonderful job last night explaining SEO. I highly recommend listening to what this fellow has to say about getting your website ranked high for searches. Anyone who is new in this business or would like extra tips to build their business should be speaking to this man. Invaluable advice from someone who not only teaches but is deep into the home inspection industry.

Thank you very much!


Ditto!! If you want to succeed, do what the successful do!

Can’t resist…


Did you ask for help or follow anyone’s advice to learn to cut and paste…or have you always been the King of it?

I also listened in…

Many of us remember Billy as “the new kid on the block”.

He asked a crap load of questions on just about everything.
Some feel he is not qualified still. But the guy was never afraid to ask a question he was not sure about.

Did he follow the flock, or did he ask and “evaluate” all the answers (many crappy) and make up his own mind (right or wrong).

Someone mentioned he was sued…
Well, if haven’t been sued, maybe your not out there doing anything to be sued for!

Billy asks questions, and more importantly “listens”.

I think he has the potential of putting together some good programs (you don’t have to “know it all” to orchestrate something beneficial to everyone).

There are some people that teach around here with no significant background and do not endeavor to advance themselves in their field of alleged expertise, and people still pay their $500 for the traveling medicine show. I don’t think you can put Billy in that category.

You learn by doing and you make mistakes by doing. If you don’t make a mistake you’re probably not doing.

If he can collect and disseminate information effectively by getting the right people involved and bring everyone together, he should be just as effective as NACHI and those that have gone before that have been/became training icons.

let’s give him the chance.

"But it’s not free!?
NACHI Training is not free either. You have to pay your dues.

I agree with the above. I would add that if anyone doesn’t like the idea of Billy offering his webinars then they don’t have to take part in them. Why bash him. If you can do better then go for it.
I did not take part in his webinars but It doesn’t bother me that he is doing what he is doing. I have seen nothing but positive comments from people that have participated.

Thanks a million guys. And David you nailed it right on the head. No one has all the answers and I’ve said it before and I say it in my webinars I don’t claim to either “I am relaying my opinions only” and that’s why I like my webinars to be interactive because to me everyone has potential to teach everyone around them. I love what I do and I’ll keep doing it for years to come. As for getting sued never been sued yet “came close” but worked it out with my client before it went that far. The most important thing I learned from it is you must manage your clients expectations before and while on site. This is the best way to limit your exposure to any lawsuit in my opinion. One thing is certain stay in this business long enough more than likely you will find yourself in a lawsuit (heard that from David A yes I do ask a load of questions and I do listen ;). All this is just my opinion you just never know when someone will come after you with just cause or no cause at all.

I will claim credit for that line also ! :slight_smile:

Bravo! Go, Billy, go!

Also consider taking it on the road. Inspectors love when you come to their town. I love going on road trips for InterNACHI: No, you can’t have my beautiful assistant/driver. :cool:

Consider it done. See you in Jan Nick. :wink: