Looking to upgrade my binoculars. Any suggestions?

I like a strong scope on a try pod .
I have a 25 power and works great for me .
One home I did on a hill and could see the east,south,and the west . Roof great . Had to go about 400 feet to see the North roof and it was bad do not know if you could have known the condition with a 6 power .
Roy Cooke

Personally, I use a set of low resolution binoculars because most of the time, I’m not really that far away from the house (just across the street). A set of binoculars that has too much magnification makes what you’re looking at too large and the minimum focus distance too long.

Yes, it sounds wierd, you want a set of binoculars with a 8 x 21 rating IMHO.

I use a set of 7 to 25 zoom…but get the 60mm or larger lense. The bigger the optics (diameter of the lens) the more light it will allow in to make a better view. Additional magnification will ‘absorb’ light, so go for large and tripod mount (I use a monopod…MUCH easier to carry) for visual stability.