Bird droppings/Asphalt shingles.

Anyone have any wording on this? Inspected a lake house which is frequently visited by sea gulls. Looks like it is growing weird things.

The seagull they fly by and they’ll **** right in your eye, thank your stars that cows don’t fly overhead.

Ravens are the only bird species I know of that will damage shingles. I think they peck out of boredom. There’s a photo of it in the Mastering Roof Inspection series, but finding it … sorry

Sorry…You can’t be serious:shock:

How would this condition ever be considered a significant defect?:roll:

I would think its to be expected with a lakeside property.


It can be quite a problem. The droppings provide nutrients for lichens/mosses/black algae stain.

A new house I inspected about a kilometer from me has a fairly steep, (9 or 10/12) light coloured shingle roof that looks like hell. I mentioned the gulls in my report but they did nothing at the peak for about 5-6 years…too late…damage was already done.

They installed a zinc strip under the lower edge of the drip cap and “spikes” to prevent birds from lighting on the peak about 2-3 years ago. Zinc will not stop/clean up an existing problem. The 25-30 year shingles will have to be replaced soon!

Out here in CA its pigeons poop we have to watch out for. I have had roofs where the galvanized valley metal was ate up from something in there poop!

acids…From the web:
“especially sea-bird droppings; because their urine is so concentrated that it is a paste of uric acid. This is white in colour”

Pigeon feces will definitely damaged asphalt based shingles, I’ve witnessed results many times.