Biz X Magazine publishes 6-page article on home inspector licensing.

The best line in the article:

  • Biz X Magazine.

Pages 18 through 23:

Canada is new to the home inspection licensing argument. From this article, it appears that they are, today, where USA licensing efforts were at around 2003 to 2005. The driving force is uninformed home inspectors who see licensing as a means of limiting their competition.

Once affected, however … and much too late to fix … they quickly discover that a licensed home inspector becomes a simple commodity - meaning any one licensed inspector is as good as another licensed inspector, since they have all met the minimum standard. Then, it’s the licensed inspector who meets the standard at the lowest price that attracts the business.

You would think that the smart ones would be watching the road ahead … by watching what is happening in the USA. Texas, being the first licensed HI state, now has home inspectors totally controlled by the state board of realtors. Florida is overrun with “conspectors” specializing in $75 mini-inspections. Kansas dumped its law, totally.

No problem ever identified as a reason to institute a home inspector licensing law has ever been solved by a home inspector licensing law.

Licensing solves nothing.

Agreed James this is why Nick points out in the article to make licensing tough and at this point all we in Ontario can hope is that they will listen.

Fat chance, you A-L-W-A-Y-S get the watered-down licensing you deserve.

James is correct. Many HI’s here in Kansas and Missouri fought hard to keep the laws out. All they do is create a bare, minimum standard that all HI’s will follow. Basic, minimal reports will be the norm, along with cheap prices.

This is what the REA’s wanted, along with their buddy HI lobbyist associations.

As with any licensing law, the consumer will lose.

After all, everyone that has a driver’s license is a good driver, right?

With HI licensing, it does not matter how much experience you have. It does not matter if you are a CMI or not. It does not matter what equipment, report software you use, or what clothes you wear.

Just as long as you have an HI license, you can inspect. Sad for the consumers.