Black Funk

During my consultation with the client, the realtor asked me what the black funk was…

Earl & Cong 026.jpg

Come on, Tim.

Tell us what you told 'em.

Its spray paint…

With a comment like that, how could anyone be called a “deal killer” by a realtor?


You are kidding, aren’t you???

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes Im kidding, I never belittle anyone, he probably just had no clue…

I don’t see the Funk a Delics anywhere.

Please ask the Realtor to properly define their concerns.

Hope this helps;

Is it black Fungus amung us? :shock:

I would tell them that at $100.00 a sample i will have it tested and find out for sure. That way not a wrong guess would apply. Could be done in two samples, but suggest three.

It’s something they need to either clean up or get rid of and it indicates a moisture problem above. If that’s a chimney I’ll bet it’s bad flashing.

Its called Mold.