Black PVC sealant?

This picture was taken in a 1995 crawlspace this morning. Almost every Schedule 40 PVC fitting was “painted” with this black/grey material. I’ve never come across a black PVC glue or seen this used before. The way it was painted on suggested it was added after the joint was put together. I didn’t find any leaks at the inspection. No other joints showed signs of purple primer, clear glue, or blue glue.

Does anyone know what this black/grey sealer is?


At first I thought it might be a band aid approach to a larger issue, but did not find anything else indicating that. Does’t sound like this sets off any red-flag concerns for anyone out there…moving on.

Guaranteed, I believe :smiley:

That’s what first came to mind! I’ve seen that stuff applied to foundation cracks and gutters, and this stuff was different. Everyone loves a guarantee…

I was at Lowes yesterday & didn’t know it was expensive.
I was $89.98 a gallon there. :shock:

Two ways to look at it, I suppose:

    • Apparent previous repair, may not be done per accepted professional guidelines.
    • If observed while water was running, or area underneath was dry, one could conclude that the repair was adequate in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

I would want to at least make the customer aware of it.