Black roof, vaulted ceiling, wet moisture stains

SO i found stains, tested with moisture meter, found they are high alarm off the dial wet. The room has a ceiling of drywall no apparent airspace, just roof structure , no openings.

I NOTICED one of the stains was at what looked like the joist, even in shape of joist edge. With no easy path of moisture entry i could see, even while it was raining …i wonder could this be a thermal issue? because thew roof is black? gets hots makes condensation or something form?

Am i way off?

Good catch. Refer for further evaluation to a licensed and competent contractor.

I don’t see any ridge vent. Condensation is a possible cause. Were there lots of plants?, dishwasher? Laundry facilities in this room.

Where was the staining in relation to the 2nd floor gutter downspout discharge? Heck of a lot of water coming through there in the wrong direction.

nothing in the room except carpeting and a tv area - the stains were about middle of room away from gutters.