Black staining at eaves in garage

2004 manufactured house. Soffit vents on both ends of garage. What is causing black staining?? O.k. not what, obviously moisture, but why???


No drip edge.

There was. Even installed properly.

ice daming …last winter was tough for that here…just a wag…

Thats what I orginally suspected, however, this is in an unheated garage with no attic, insulation, etc. Could ice damming occur if garage is approx same temp as outdoors???

I believe it is from ice dams, too. Water backing up behind it and coming in. I’ve seen it a lot over the years.

Sunny days and cold nights…rain, etc.

Like Jim said, nasty last winter for ice dams, at least up here for sure.

Many unheated garages had huge ice dams around here, damage just like that.

O.k. I will go with that. Now, what to do to prevent it??

You don’t haved to determine a cause to put in your report and you open your self up if you are wrong.

Simply report the defect and recommend that a qualified roofer repair it.

Good advice…

Yeah true, but if I do know or I am certain, I always like to give a possible solution, just to be helpful. In this case, I think a waterproof membrane should be installed, no?

Not necessarily.

You didn’t show any outside pics but it is likely some type of flashing problem.

It could even be from improperly installed gutters or lack of the shingles overhanging the roof sheeting edge.

Heck for all I know it could be a miss directed lawn sprinkler.:shock:

Exterior pics would be helpful, as suggested.

Ice Damming

Lack of Drip edge

Lack of Ice and Water Shield

Drip edge installed at edge of sheathing in lieu of fascia board and water is wicking it’s way to the under side of the sheathing.

Like Mike said, Recommend a roofer to evaluate. :slight_smile:

It would definitely help the situation. I thought the ice dam membrane (36" up) was the norm up there. At least for new installs.

Possibility: gutters clogged. Water flows back onto the eaves.

I now see the drip edge, but it still doesn’t mean it’s constructed properly.
There is no overhang at the eave.
There is no reason for the water to back up that high.

I’d lean towards Lack of Ice and Water Shield as Marcel posted.

What size is the drip edge.
Is it proper for the roof pitch?

By-the-way, if you can see the drip edge from the interior, something is not right…

Do you mean Gable Vents at both ends of the garage?