If it is Blain I could not care less. He belongs on the ASHI site along with the other pompous asses.

Todd writes


I’ll see your Huh, and raise you a WHAT?

It is fairly simple. He is the kind of person that will inset a (sic) just to prove he is better than the person who posted the origanal. Heck, look it up in wiki. I would understand if this was a professional forum, but it is not and Blain has made it clear that he thinks he is smarter than the average poster on the NACHI MB. Thus my remark.

Jason 1 , who might you be dude?:smiley:

The use of the term, (sic), is to quote a guy without looking like you are the one with the spelling issue.

Kinda like the above post where you refer to “inset” when you meant “insert”, how you spelled “original” with the letters “origanal”, how you spelled “Blaine” as “Blain”, and so on…

I could read Jim’s posts forever. Hee hee. :smiley:

Bye again.

I know what it means and I spelt Blaines name accordingly.

That is my intire point…


I find it funny that someone thinks there life experience makes them better then the folks that they (as President) makes them qualified to down grade the folks they are supposed to be protecting. Blain is an *** pure and simple.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Todd, you are too darned easy.

You are a piece of work Gromicko!!!

You lie to the members about many things, you lie to the members about benifits that are BS. I have been here for 4 years and you BS is amazing.


Quietly go to the counter and ask the librarian to follow you back to your computer and show you how to use the spell checker.

You are correct James, I is a no spelling illiterate fool. I give up you folks are way to smart for me. I will leave it to the newbies to take care of themselves.

I will be back when you idiots have no compatition.:D\

Tell Frank currio to go **** himself!!!

That piece of **** never plaid fair.!!!

Sorry kids, Todd knows how to spell.

His good buddy dharris on the other hand, not so much.

I am betting we have an imposter.

Pretty tough to have an imposter that has 2,341 posts already???

Not if he signs on as Todd. Which wouldn’t surprise me.

No Jeff , that was me. I would never give my password to anyone. I am the worst at spelling of anyone I have ever met.

My real problem is that, I get started on a subject and then I get kinda mad as folks don’t seem to see it my way.:roll:

Then I start posting PM’s From the out of control ESOP, and getting really mad, as no one else seems to see what is really going on. Hell, I get tons of emails egging me on, but no one has the balls to come forrward.

I will tell you, if you do not like someting about NACHI spill your gutts!!! Are you all pupets? Geeze, speak you’re mind!!!

I have said many things about many people, but to be honest I was only typing what I really thought.

That’s the truth and I will stick to it. I am what I am.

Take your own advice, Todd, and ask yourself who the real puppet is?

Them, for not posting these things and exposing themselves as fools, or you doing it for them.:wink:

James , I feel folks shoud post what they really think, and my emails say that they are afraid to post there oppinion.

Why would members be arfaid to post their oppinion??

There can be a variety of reasons. In my opinion…at least as it would pertain to those who are egging you on in your jousting of windmills…it is because they would prefer to have you be accountable for their opinions instead of themselves.:wink:

Try this. Go through your stack of emails and contact these people until you can find one who will give you permission to post his email to this thread, with his name on it.

Assuming that at least one of them has balls and gives you this permission, post the email and then let that person come on and defend those views himself. The one who allows you to do this is worthy of your respect and you can value his advice. The rest…well…you know.

I feel the same way James, as folks without the balls to post should not be egging me on. I have said as much in my return PM’s and emails, but someone has to stand against the BS.:wink: