Blind Great Dane Needs a Home

**For those dog lovers amongst us.

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Whats happen Ray. Every thing OK.
Happy New Year Friend. Give me a shout when you have time. Like to know if you are still out there.

Nice to here from you again Raymond. The OntarioAchi is rolling along and we are just waiting for the Government approval. You can chat with me Len or Scott anytime you want.

So glad to read; they have found a home. Beautiful, touching story.

I would have taken those two in a heart beat, how sweet and perfect are they. Ray I hope your still around, haven’t heard from you in a while.

Kathleen you are missing out on all the connections over the weekend at the OntarioAchi site.
You can fill out the whole profile and start inviting to talk to true Professionals that care about your success in the HI industry.