Block patio

Does anyone know of any regulation/code/etc. that indicates the amount of rise from one block to another. (Possible trip hazard most commonly used as an excuse for tripping after consuming a 12 pack while grilling) :roll: I have one later this week and the REA warned me about it (Always suspect when the REA warns me about anything). I can’t find anything on block patios that would resemble a code for the height of the block from one to another.:shock:

Thanks in advance.

You talking about stairs? Stair codes are stair codes, without regard to the material they’re constructed out of.

No not stairs Marc, actual patio block. The whole patio is made out of concrete block. There are great many of these things in the rural areas around here (blocks are either solid or 2 hole cap type 4 X 8 X 16). This one is approx. 30 X 15 and some or all (have not seen them yet REA told me) of the block is at different levels. My guess tree roots or something of the sort.

I note floor/walk surface material inside or out that presents a 1/4" or greater deflection…wait 'til you see a female client or agent catch and tear a heel off and you’ll understand my logic…same on spacing materials

Barry, I’ll take your word for it. Thanks.