Block wall, leaks due to exterior cracks in basement wall

St Clair Shores…block basement wall eh

Pic #2. Homeowner was getting water in basement at–along floor/bottom of basement wall…DECK outside, no problem.

4,5. Corner crack, turns into step crack and then into a horizontal crack.
(And NO cracked footing, no SUPPOSED settling issue terdballs)

  1. Gaps under basement window

7–10 Horizontal crack…water enters into the HOLLOW blocks through these g dang EXTERIOR cracks and other openings…NO interior system, no sump pump fixes/waterproofs these g dang cracks!!! Sheesh!
Hence, water will continue to enter the blocks, period.

  1. Exterior vertical crack.

No insdie system relieves exterior causes/pressure off the wall that cause many cracks (leaks) and cause cracks to W I D E N, cause walls to bow in.

The Outfield…‘Ya know Bubba likes his girls a little bit older’

I have had dealings with basements made from CMU, and even with perimeter drains, careful waterproofing, even j channel, and meticulous backfill, I came to the conclusion that there two types of CMU basements. The ones that leak, and the ones that will. Has anything changed that in the last fifteen years or so? I don’t know.