Blocked for no payment

I have never seen this before. Needless to say I did not run very much water down any of the drains.

2152 W 18th Ave 8-22-09 034.JPG

2152 W 18th Ave 8-22-09 034.JPG

2152 W 18th Ave 8-22-09 034.JPG

2152 W 18th Ave 8-22-09 035.JPG

Wow, never seen that. You guys play hardball.

First for me as well Keith

WOW, disconnected from SEWER. As if water and electricity shut-off wasn’t enough.

That’ll force them to leave the house.

Hmmm, this is the first I’ve seen this.

How is it disconnected? Did they put a block in that cleanout? Never seen this? Will the water backup into the house?

Guess I didn’t know you could “disconnect” a sewer connection.

I’d like to see a photo of what they considered “disconnected”

I imagine they put an expandable pig down in the cleanout Steven.

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The really sucky part is you have to blow it up with your lips. New guy’s job.