What do you put in a Blog?
which is on a business web site?

Talk about your business Amy. Maybe interesting things you have found, home tuneup tips, local info. :slight_smile:

put in how to prepare youe home for an inspection, or home tune up tips, some spring clean up tips, preping the bbq for first time use, maybe how and why to use eco friendly cleaners when pulling out the lawn furniture this weeekend, maybe some notes on safley installing malibu lighting
steps to opening the pool, how to clean the spa, how to make the perfect BBQ steak, recipies for marinade
making smores by an open fire

there is no wrong post Amy, just be you and it will all be good, just be you

email if you need anything

Check my links AMY , as they all have my site blogs on them.

Amy, you have a blog system built into your home inspector pro website already :slight_smile: Like the others said, it’s kind of like a diary, but yours would be HI related. It’s great for search engine rankings as it gives you constant fresh content related to your topic. Great place for getting in keywords that people might search for like energy tuneups, radon inspections, etc.

After having done this for about a year now I can tell you that you shouls be carefull what you blog about.
If you blog about Aunt Maples secrete family recipe then it may actualy damage your rank.
You will get a nice boost in general but be prepared for the rank to have temporary drops before it shoots back up.
The drops do not last more than a week from what I have observed.