Blogging pays off!!!

I am the Angie’s List grand prize winner of $1000 for one my blogs I submitted.

Good job Juan!

Which one?

Cool. Corrected a small grammatical error for you. :mrgreen:

Congrats !!!

Congrats! Care to share?( I don’t mean the blog :cool:)

Ah. The irony :slight_smile:

When I shared on my Facebook I told everyone that I “one” the grand prize.

Thanks guys!!

Awesome Juan!

Congrats Jaun keep up the good work.Your almost superstar status!!!

Definitely understandable. You we’re excited to share the great news. Mine would probably be filled with tons of explatives.

Felicidades Juan!

Luis E. Velez Jr.
Chief Property Inspector
Royal Property Inspection Services, LLC.
'We Treat Our Clients Like Royalty"


I asked you once before but maybe you missed it so I shall ask again :slight_smile:
Do you blog on Blogspot or something similar or do you post it under your own domain? Do you have a link? I am interested in doing it for SEO as you say you do. Thanks in advance.

I blog on my website

When ever I write anything I am particularly proud of, I submit it to various other sources such as active rain, angies list, blog spot, ezine, etc. I also post it on various social networking sites.

I think it is what keeps me number one for my keywords.

Ezine is an absolute pain to submit an article to. I always get them kicked back at least once requesting that I change something.

From GFCI Article on your page, Juan

I believe it was 1987 for kitchens.



Way to go Juan. I started with ActiveRain back in 2006, and blogged there extensively. but don’t anymore because of the steep monthly fees. I am also on Angie’s list…didn’t know you could blog there.

Nice chart, James! Saved!


Thanks for the info. I missed it when you first responded :slight_smile:

Congrats, send me a blog artical with a link back to your site. Let’s start a blog exchange with back links. This should help SEO?

Anyways, how do you find the time with the energy level of your son. I see your posts on FB and can see you enjoy time with your family.

Thanks Carl. David Hays alerted me to that months ago, but I keep forgetting to change it.

John, guest blogging supposedly helps with SEO, but I’m no expert. If you want to do a blog exchange, I’m down. I don’t know how I find the time :slight_smile: Today I have an inspection, a test for class, another an inspection, and then I leave for Cali in the AM.


What software do you use to build your websites? I do not thing I can create a blog page with sitespinner pro but do not know for sure yet.