Blood transfusion

My wife was informed yesterday around 10:am that she needed blood and platelets as her count was critically low. I am usually pretty calm but when they informed me that her blood type was not available due to antibodies in her blood (I was in panic mode) hospital finally located the blood and had it shipped in and she received transfusion about midnight last evening and all is well.
Thanks Carl Brown you know you are the reason and why; thanks again my brother

Glad to hear Charlie.

Sorry to hear Vie’s counts were low. Glad she was able to get the necessary blood products.

Hope all is well Charley…good to know you can count on Carl.

Give our best wishes to your wife Charley. Happy to hear she is getting what she needs. :slight_smile:

As for Carl, yes, he is awesome! :smiley:

BTW… I didn’t realize that brisket drippings had a “type”. :shock:

My bad. Sorry! :wink:

I’ll say a little prayer for her Charley.

Hi Charley

Hope Vie is still holding her spirits up, I know its tough, but in the end, everything will be fine.

Please tell her I said Hi, I’ll see you both soon my Friends…!

Vie will do fine. Glad to hear they found her blood type. You two are in my prayers Charley.

Both of you, be well soon.

Warm wishes and prayers for you and Vie, Charley.

Keep that Red Hat on for luck Charley, though we know the good lord is the one watching out for you guys!..

Give my best to Vie my friend.

You are both in My prayers partner…

praying for you both Charlie

Keeping you both in my prayers charlie
hang in there

Best wishes.

Glad to heare all is well Charlie.

Glad to hear they found the right blood type Charley.
Prayers are in order. Give your wife my regard for a speedy recovery.

And like Dave said, keep the red hat on for good luck.

Good to hear they found her type. You both are in our prayers.

That’s why I think that everyone who can donate blood, should. It only takes about 45 minutes every other month, they are always in desperate need for all types of blood and platelets plus you can score a pack of cookies and some juice afterwards if you are so inclined.

Best wishes that everything remains fine, Charley


I donate Platelets thru pheresis at the Red Cross Center in West Chester PA,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=624&wrapid=tljp1331864032203040&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=red+cross+west+chester+pa&fb=1&gl=us&hq=red+cross&hnear=0x89c6f11492d82275:0x7dfc689b13b6e5b2,West+Chester,+PA&cid=17640816856261318096&ei=G6NiT9rjMabw0gHP5YW5CA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=3&sqi=2&ved=0CEoQ4gkwAg

a little longer than 45 minutes

You can donate a pint every 7 days…