Blower Door Basics. New online video.

Blower Door Basics.

As I mentioned to Ben a few days back, this weatherization stuff has already been developed and is available on the Internet for free. You do not have to re-invent the wheel…and then try to take credit it for by using NACHI labelling, etc.

Get that guy a laser distance meter. He could knock out all his volume numbers in 1/10th the time.

A note you might want to put on part 1 (only part I saw) is to clean out any ash in the fireplaces and that other stove. Even though he is closing the flue any leakage through the flue could throw ash in to the living space. It is just one of those best practices things to clean out all the ash.


Brian, InterNACHI is updating it all. Everything changes over time.

Please don’t spin anymore, Nick. The series is all within the past year and can’t be out of date yet. Hell, I had a blower door in 1981 and was tightening existing houses with it back then…techniques have changed little since.

You’ll see. Home Energy Score coming.