Blue comments in Summary

I have HIP v4.2.1. Can I change the color of my font on some of my comments (from black to blue) and have them included in the summary? Critical issues (red) show up in the summery, but I think It’d be handy for my customers to have non-critical / maintenance items in the summary as well, without scaring the hell out of 'em with all the red ink.

I’m not sure about your version. But I know you can change the colors of your comments. There is a tutorial about I think. I use Red, Orange and Green. In HIP mobile and desktop version you double click the comment and choose whatever color you have set up. In the mobile version once you choose your color if you want it to go to the summary you make it red, but the actual color in the summary will be the color you have chosen identified by a number.

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I wouldn’t put basic maintenance issues in the summary myself. I use blue comments, but these are usually recommended upgrades, and just put in the body of the report.

Been pushing for another button (or 2) with a third color for awhile. I agree that maintenance should not go to summary. Although maintenance tips highlighted in blue makes sense. Having said that, I don’t like a summary, let them read the whole thing and decide what is important to them.

Found the answer here.

As Steve Mentioned, you definitely can. In addition to the article Steve posted there’s also a video on the Support->Desktop Videos page: called Advanced Colors.

Steve, why are you running 4.2? I understand if you don’t want to upgrade to HIP 5 but at least get HIP 4.9 which was a free update for you and had 2 more years of updates.

Because I’m pretty much a computer illiterate. How do I upgrade to 4.9?

Well, feel free to call us when you need help like that. That’s what my team is there for :mrgreen:

Log into by clicking Login on the top right.
Click your name on the top right.
Click Downloads.
Download HIP 4.9
Restart your machine, then run the installer.

Thanks Captain. Will do. I’ve just become so attached to my “child” (template) that I haven’t seen the need to upgrade. I “upgrade” every time I do an inspection, adding and subtracting content. I get plenty of consistent feedback from clients that my reports are easy to understand.
Always trying to improve, though