Blue NM conductor

I have no idea about the color I just read what was written on that sheathing Larry…

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I noticed that as well. Which made me wonder if it’s just a manufacturers color or does it signify groundless?

No answer other than it is definitely without ground. Like the jacket states.

WithOut/Grounding wire

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Look inside the box. You might want to revisit electrical section if your doing inspections.

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First time I had ever seen that on NM cable.

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At minimum the inspector should have commented on receptacles that are ungrounded, which would be typical it the Era of the home was built. Recommend a license electrician to evaluate, it is a safety thing.


Not questioning if this particular conductor is without ground it is obviously without ground. The question is if the conductor is blue will it always be without ground or did they make it both with and without ground? Sorry if my question wasn’t clear. Thanks

Some UF cable (underground w/G) looks bluish but I am not for sure on your answer…if they made both. One blue with G and one blue without G.

Best to read the sheathing… :smile:

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The “color coding” indicates the ‘size’ of the conductors (not how many), and are NOT required to be color coded.
The only requirement by the NEC is that the description of the conductors be printed on the exterior of the sheathing.

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Right? WO/G… Wonder what that means :wink:

Right, surprised the Inspector didn’t mention it, but I’m unfamiliar with the requirements in FL, and being it had power, and was unoccupied, pretty easy to test. But yeah, time to make some changes, by an electrician who is qualified of course.

It means what I said above:

Best to you… :smile:

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I wasn’t asking if THIS particular conductor was without ground. But thank you.