I was provided with information on a product called Bluwood. Based on the information provided this product: kills mold, and prevents mold, termites, and all WDO. It can be applied prior to construction or as a method to mitigate mold issues in existing structures.

Interesting. But I wouldn’t build my house with it. Proper design, instalation and maintance of building materials will do the same job.

That doesn’t mean that it is non-hazardous, non-polluting and non-carcinogenic. Just that it is below the levels established by the EPA. Accepted levels are subject to change depending on avaibalable research, and lobbing influence.

I did like how the font was blue for ever instance of BluWood. Nice visual product recognition.

My understanding is that this treatment is permanent. It will always stop mold, termites, etc.

An unknown leak could lead to mold that you are not aware of….until too late. This product states that it will prevent this situation.