Board Certified?

I received this email today.

What is board certified?

It came from NACHI, but I thought NACHI had nothing to do with it anymore. Odd.

150 hours of education in your lifetime? and $175.00

It’s not even signed by anyone, thats “weird”.

Inspection Industry News Update Inbox

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Attention all Home Inspectors,

Inspection Industry News Update:
Certified Master Inspector designation available for all qualified inspectors who wish to be board certified!

If you have achieved 150 hours of continuing education in your lifetime, are not a felon, and are willing to abide by a high code of ethics… you can become a Certified Master Inspector.

Download and print the application online at: http://[URL=“”]
Make a check or money order for $175.00 payable to the “Master Inspector Certification Board”.
(This is a one-time application processing fee good for your lifetime. There are no annual dues or hidden costs.)

If your application is approved, you will be listed on the http://[URL=“”] website the same day.

By awarding the continuing education-based Certified Master Inspector[FONT=Tahoma]® professional designation, the Master Inspector Certification Board, Inc. supports the inspection industry’s advanced education providers and encourages inspectors to maintain excellence through education.
Certified Master Inspectors® , the very best of the best.

Also, check out the revamped


This has been an Inspection Industry News Update. Stay tuned for further updates.


MICB is not NACHI owned.

The email you got is an Inspection Industry News Update. Note the title at the top and the note at the bottom. NACHI regularly announces anything inspection industry newsworthy, even if not owned by NACHI. Look down about a dozen lines in and you will see NACHI announcing a radon course being held in your own state of New Mexico by an organization, SRRTC, that is not NACHI owned either:

What is board certified?

The list of vendors on the board approve or disapprove applications?

No, go read the site. You have to pass a proctored exam. Not sure when that requirement goes into effect.

I don’t see that anywhere.

It does say.

After Dec 31, 2006, new applicants
must acquire 40 of the 150 hours of continuing education from a Board approved school.

But the Board is the schools.

Seems like a conflict of interest.

Geez, Dale, I thought you found it funny that we got all worked up over this kind of stuff!

I also saw no requirement for a proctored exam. Where did you see that part, Wendy?

I do think it’s funny Joe.

How can a “board” which is the “vendors” offer a logo for $175.00 until Dec. and than require applicants go to their school to get the “required” hours of education at a “board” members school?

I thinks its real funny…:smiley:

Just more smoke and mirrors.

Welcome to NACHI. Have a vendor-oriented day!

Disclaimer: This message has not been approved by the vendor-leadership of this organization and may be required to be altered to suit their wishes if they disapprove.

Man I guess so Greg.

I never read into the program other than using the logo for $175.00 seemed a little far-fetched.

And I sure didn’t realize the “board” was the “vendors” here.

You mean these guys? What could they possibly stand to gain?..

U.S. (20 locations):

[/size]Contact: George Wells
(213) 291-1717

Contact: Robert Brown
(905) 697-1500

New York:

Contact: Bill Merrell
(631) 563-7720 Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia:

  • [size=3]HBI PRO Training Center[/size]

]( Charles Rokovensky
(800) 847-3500

Contact: Jim Bonanno
(210) 710-7334
adobecreekconst@yahoo.comDistance Learning:

Contact: Joe Farsetta

Wouldn’t it be great if the proctored exam was the NHIE.

Joseph don’t forget our very own Gerry B.

Yeah, thats what I mean Joe.

Is there any “board member” which is not a vendor?

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Gerry on there either…:shock:

I have been accused of BLACKMAIL by some of these board members because I choose not to use their services since they promote such a deceptive program. But I know that all of you are smart and can make your own decisions.

They also said that they would not publicly debate me on this subject. Which I understand since they really have no leg to stand on. Nick is the only one talented enough to turn a piece of crap into a rose.

I just copied the approved schools who you can pay to take the 40 credits. I didn’t see Gerry there.

I saw Gerry’s name somewhere I believe, maybe he’s on the board.