Boat Inspections

Anyone here do, or have done in the past, boat inspections? Did you like doing it? How did it compare to doing home inspections? I’ve been told some inspectors actually take the boat out for a ‘test drive’ for a day!

By the way, if anyone needs their Porche or Ferarri inspected, I’ll be happy to do it, but I also will need to take it out for a full day to test it :mrgreen:


My nephew is the shop boss for a major luxury auto dealership in Vegas and L.A. and drives whatever he chooses. He likes his job. Before he got transfered out west, I’ve seen him with a Bentley, Ferrari and a Rolls.:cool: :cool:
And he makes over $200,000 a year. Not bad for a 32 year old with no formal schooling.

Sure, just rub it in.

I’m sorry Dominic I have to disagree, A Ferrari, Porsche inspection would be a minimum of 60 hours preferably to be completed from May - Sept. :cool:

Hmm, very good point. I guess to be truely complete in your inspection you’d have to drive it from coast to coast, and then back :slight_smile:

I was thinking from Maine to Florida … but coast to coast works too! :slight_smile:

Here in California, boat inspections are refered to as “Surveys” and can only be performed by a Certified Marine Surveyor. Insurance and lending companies will accept nothing less.

Hey Will,

Thanks, I’ll check out that site. I did realize they were called Surveyors earlier today when I was looking around online. I contacted one of the surveying associations earlier today. Do you know anybody who performs them?


They tell me the IR Camera shows the water in the Hull very well .
In fiberglass and foam floation.

I was looking through a few Surveryor sites and I saw some IR shots being used. Looks cool.

I don’t know any off hand. I visit Dana Point Harbor most everyday and see them working on the docks quite frequently. I believe they complete the surveys dock side. If they find something bad, the vessel may need to be pulled or put into dry dock for further inspection. I’ve also heard that surveys can be very expensive and take into consideration, size, age and sales price.

Are you looking for a new sales revenue stream for your software? That market was booming a few years ago. With the slow down in the real estate, people can’t take 2nd’s out to go buy a new boat…

My inspection revenue below the border has dropped for the very same reason. When equity positions are low here in California, folks aren’t running down to Baja for vacation properties.

Hi Will,

Yes, actually I already have 2 guys I know of using the program for surveying but one has his template in another language and the other guy isn’t up to share his template.

So I’m looking for someone willing to help create a template for Home Inspector Pro that I can include with the program (not as something for an additional fee). I’ve already seen people create templates for everything from skyscraper HVAC systems to pest reports so it can all be done with the program as is. I just need someone willing to help make the template.

Ahh Dana point. Starting point for many fishing excursions I’ve taken on the Some Fun and Reel Fun :slight_smile:

Dominic If you need a second opinion on the test drive let me know :mrgreen:

Aram, great idea. I’ll take the test drive to MO to your meeting in april rather than fly :slight_smile:


I used to do marine inspections when I was a commercial diver years ago. I also did numerous boat and ship inspections before there were associations and designations for anything like that. I have a few PDF’s saved that should help you out for boat inspections. Give me your email address and I will send them to you.

I guess the term would be boathouse

Hey Scott,

That would be awesome. You can email them to . Thanks for the help!


I should have it for you in a couple of days. It’s going to take some time to dig through all my files and bookmarks. I need to catch up on some things and then I will send it to you.

No problem, take your time. I’m not going to have the time to start creating a template for awhile anyways. I emailed a few companies hoping they’d be willing to create the template in exchange for free software. Who knows if that will ever happen though. I’ll probably end up creating it myself.