Bob Francis or somebody, can I get a ride next Saturday?

I need a ride next Saturday from the Radisson, 2 miles from the Toronto Airport (YYZ) to the meeting in Brantford. It appears Kelly is on till noon, so we probably don’t have to be there until noon or so. Unless you want to go for the log home thingie then I can be ready early as well.

If someone is going from Toronto and can take me Saturday morning… let me know please.


I have to be there for the log home thingie but I pass right by (sort of)
where you will be. It will be early though.

Char and I took the log homes in Floriad so will not be needing it again .
If needed we can pick you up . 9:30 to 10:00 so you can sleep in .
Be able to take you both ways if needed .
Need phone number of the hotel.

Roy Cooke .

Hi Nick, I am passing by on my way, I can stop by a get you, no problem whatsoever. Just let me know.

No problem Nick, let me know where and when to pick you up.