Bob Francis resigns from NACHI

It is with great sadness that I hereby resign my membership with NACHI effective immediately. It was good getting to know all of you. All the best to everyone.


Bob Francis

Bob, you will be missed in this organization. However your resignation was not the first and will not be the last. All the best my FRIEND. Hope to see you up there in the ‘BIG SMOKE’.

WOW!! That was sudden. Robert Can I ask why?

Mr. Francis

Congratulations! What took you so long? I think others will most likely be joining with you in dumping NACHI. You have seen the light along with many others.

Continued success!

Here is your new home

Canadian Federation of Independent Home Inspectors


All Canadian Inspectors welcome aligned and non aligned!

Quite impressed with this free speech thingy!!!

It’s time for Canadians to get out from under the coat tails of Uncle Sam and have a truly Canadian board where we can discuss our particular issues unique to Canada.

We have that right here and more!! You are living proof.

How does one join the Canadian Association of Independent Home Inspectors ?

Many do not know Raymond Robert and Roy where the first three NACHI members in Canada ( Yes we all paid to belong to NACHI ).
When the Original sponsors of the two first NACHI Canadian Meeting could not run the Meetings .
We three immediately jumped in and helped NACHI to become established in Canada.
Some Ironic the three who did so much for NACHI are no longer NACHI members.
It was at the first NACHI meeting in Barrie that NICK said Canadians will never ever pay for membership.

I love NACHI and the many great members and will miss the Many who I have communicated with over the years.
Roy Cooke

Regarding the Canadian Federation of Independent Home Inspectors , is there a web site yet or is this so new all there is at the present time is a message board ? I just joined by the way.

Ray has stated that he never paid for membership.

Many people from many associations who were there at the beginning, and did much to get them rolling are no longer members.

People join, people leave, people stay. Same in any other membership group.

While it is sad to see senior members leave, everyone must do what they think is the best for them. Those who think that iNACHI benefits them stay, those who don’t leave.

These are the facts … Roy Cooke


What I don’t understand are the people who say they are leaving…and hang around talking about it.

My wonder as well.

I guess it is like people like you James who like to Complain about wrong doings but do nothing about fixing the problems.
I guess you would like the members to no nothing about what is happening in the real world.
I think I might be the First Life member who has asked to have their membership rescinded.
Things are not the best when a life member wants to leave.

Roy Cooke

You were given a life membership. Doesn’t mean you signed an agreement stating that you would stay for life.

You chose to join. When things were going the way you wished, you posted “happy nachi member” in your signature line and you stayed around. When things didn’t go the way you wished, you posted “sad nachi member” in your signature and you chose to leave.

Free things are usually worth to people what they have paid for them…:wink:

Roy, I respectfully disagree.

I’m sorry you became so unhappy with the workings of InterNACHI that you felt it necessary to give up your membership.

Now you come here to snipe and complain as a non member who is rapidly loosing credibility IMHO. Just as so many others have.

Roy, come on back. You know you would be welcome.
You are a fine individual and your present attitude is not the Roy I have gotten to know here on the MB.

We will survive fine without you but consider the good you could do here as a member.:smiley:

That is worth repeating.

Thanks For your thoughts Blaine But I expect I valued My free membership more then you do your membership.
I also expect I put in more hours promoting and working for NACHI each year then you did.
I care for NACHI big time just running away and doing nothing will never improve the future .
I choose to try and improve NACHI by letting the membership know what I feel needs to be corrected.

Buy your doing or saying nothing will never make things better.

Roy Cooke

Thanks Michael If you are so sure then why not put up a pole and you can prove you are correct .
I will respect the members wishes.
I look forward to your pole thanks .

Roy Cooke