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Bob Pearson
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Re: Marketing and Business Success for Inspectors Book

Finally got through the whole book. It should be required reading for all home inspectors. Absolutely the finest publication I have seen for them.
I wish I would have had back when I was doing inspections.

Just one great idea under “Writing the Agreement and Report” under the “Past vs. Present” section:

When an inspector writes, “The furnace is in a functional condition,” a customer may nterpret that as a warranty of some kind. But the plaintiff’s attorney will be stuck with what you wrote, which is written in the past tense: "The furnace was in functional condition.

Just one of many great defense mechanisms from in your book. Also there are hundreds more great ideas on marketing.

Please post on the website as appropriate.

Robert W. Pearson
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Allen Insurance Group, Inc. / NARREP
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I agree Nick, it is a great read. took me a while, and I still go back and reread sections…One of your better works IMO.




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