Bogus false claims misrepresenting the facts for self-gain, Basement systems

1:00… ‘therefore the walls will REMAIN structurally strong for a LONG time and we DON’T have to worry about water ENTERING the basement’

False claims, misleading bullshtt, for self gain $$$$$$$$$$$$

it’s the water getting into the blocks (you know b 4 YOUR dumb azz sees it inside), the water penetrating the wall, the mortar joints that can screw up some blocks, joints and the wall AND it’s the lateral soil pressure, underground roots etc that can screw up a wall, NOT the shtt they say that by placing their crap on inside wall magically makes the wall strong, you are ouuta your fkkkg minds!!!

Substantiate your claims, your words don’t mean a fkkkg thing.

Have seen my share of CMUs turned to gravel from water. I’m always amazed at folks that think sealing the foundation on the inside will solve the issue.


In the interest of advancing the community here, I’ve invented a Mark Anderson Translator. Here goes…

1:00… ‘therefore the walls will REMAIN structurally strong for a LONG time and we DON’T have to worry about water ENTERING the basement’

The gentleman in the video is not only wrong, but misleading the public. He is completely ignoring the affects of solubilization on the existing masonry, and the resulting impacts on strength and service life. This gentleman is also making several false claims, such as stating his system will waterproof the basement space. The reality of this scheme is that water will continue to flow into the basement space, and be merely collected and pumped away. This system makes no attempt to address the root cause of whatever water penetration issues are present.

Basement Systems of New York Explains When & How To Install A New Slab


Man, isn’t THAT the truth, Greg!

agree, add the fact that when these INT drainage morons REMOVE, jack hammer, the perimeter of basement floor, a wall can collapse/cave in or in other cases, multiple cracks may occur, so Mr & Mrs homeowner, check your insurance policy.

the floor helps hold the foundation wall in-place so when they rip it out these walls become more vulnerable to bow in, crack, collapse. If a block, brick foundation wall is already bowed in, cracked etc BEFORE these weasels j-hammer floor out, there’s more of a probability problems occur, especially if they are taking the perimeter flor out during or after a heavy rain because the soil is saturated and pushing on/against the wall even more.
‘They j hammered the concrete floor, where the floor MEETS the walls… one evening while this process was going on… a loud noise… upon investigation it was observed that the basement wall had moved approx 2 feet inward’…

… they were installing a french drain in basement, the wall collapsed

Have posted numerous other links/same stories in the past, the same shtt occurred, they were installing an INT system, they j hammered floor, wall collapsed

Beams and an interior basement drainage system previously installed with that bs-supposed lifetime trans-guarantee… basement leaks in numerous area where the system was installed!
2:35 —Check out the BEAMS ‘near’ front block wall lolol

There are numerous exterior cracks in these block walls, clay soil and on front wall w/beams a porch that is falling apart, been falling apart for quite a some time YET they talked homeowner into an int system and beams when ALL the problems are on the exterior. I know this basement leaks due to EXT cracks in block walls because a) i ran a water test w/a hose, ground level DOWN – it leaks and b) i saw the TOPs of several vertical cracks on the outside

NOT saying beams can’t be a bit helpful sheesh but exterior waterproofing was/is needed to remove, reduce lateral soil pressure etc off-of the walls AND needed to stop further water penetration because it is deteriorating some of the blocks especillay on front wall where the patched the BOTTOM crs w/mortar and then installed their white 6-8" plastic/vinyl SHTT along/against the bottom blocks. Well that doesn’t do anything other than hide, conceal the blocks and doesn’t STOP further water penetration through the exterior cracks and so these system don’t stop/prevent mold either = idiots.

WhatCHA wanna do, install ANOTHER INT system? Install 2-3 sump pumps too? And raise n slope the grade? hahHAHAAA! Some dunno shtt on this subject, they talk shtt, think they know shtt, but they have NEVER waterproofed an existing basement, basement walls and they have NEVER have to guarantee the mfr for 20 years, but again they yap about it and cry about when their incompetent, negligent bogus claims are called out = suckie WEAK mfrs. HOMEOWNERS are getting fkd over by MANY INT system cos and by some home inspectors, thats the truth, like it or not. When some home inspectors recommend the likes of INT system co’s to unknowing homeowners, as in video above, then YOUR ass needs to be called out, you need to lose that inspection fee if you inspected their house and shtt, if it were me lol i’d try suing your ass, hold your money grabbing ass accountable for recommending these INT cos in the first place, total CUPCAKE, weak, ass holes.

Mr Darren Tews the translator, i have repeatedly said exactly what you wrote, many times… so how do you figure you need to translate? Have said they mislead all the time, have said they these systems/the scheme, do not stop the water, at best, only re-direct it, have said these systems do not address SHIT, have said these ass holes have use many false claims. I have said ALL this shtt for 15 years on here and longer in-person, but you go ahead n have fun.

Some here are more worried about how i write some shtt RATHER than watch the fkg videos and eyeball the photos. Have put up numerous UNBIASED articles that were written much better than i will ever do to help back up the videos and photos i slap on here, Fairfax county VA, Army Corps eng’s, Donan engs, J McEwen, D Yoder builders and so on, apparently you were too busy to read what they had to say on this subject. Oh well, maybe next time.

lol Some homeowners have posted on Nachi, replied to some videos i put up, THEY understood my shtting writing skills, they didn’t need Tews Translation, so too have some HI’s here, they ‘get it’, they didn’t need you to translate, they watched the videos n figured it out, why can’t you n some others? Ohhhh you just wanna play Teee hee heheee, real cute man.


Photos, bowed in wall,multiple exterior cracks etc in the wall plus some deteriorated, disintegrated blocks… yet some home inspectors ONLY recommend certain interior basement drainage companies, think about it. Let’s see what kind of hands-on experience on THIS SUBJECT you guys have, post some videos/photos of leaky basement repair jobs, foundation repairs YOU have done AND guaranteed, what ya got, waiting…oh don’t need the drivel that you worked for Daddy’s construction co for 20 yrs b 4 you became an HI or SE etc, nah fkk that weak shtt, post videos of waterproof/foundation repair work YOU have done, quit yapping, start showing us your work and guarantee, until i see plenty of those you words don’t mean much to me and shouldn’t to homeowners, can YOU do that? lolol (here comes the, oh but i designed this or i recommended that bllshtt on seismic loading or drainage planning etc am sure you all do great work on THAT, NO, since the subject is leaky basements n foundation wall repair, post your videos of those with your guarantee)

rather interesting huh, “We also observed reputable ENGINEERS’ DESIGN SOLUTIONS that did NOT alleviate the settlement and-or lateral pressure problems”

Gee, all that knowledge n wonderful writing skills, much better than mine eh 'n much wiser than lil Marky overall, are sometimes WRONG on this-subject, how could this happen? yeah
2.4.3 Foundation repairs

Engineer here, what happened? Why the incompetence/negligence? Care to speak to this, lol doubt it.
Why the negligent recommendation to regrade within 3 years? hahahhaa
Am sure he writes much better than Marky’s ass, sure he is smarter than Marky’s ass overall, though not on THIS subject… so you can tell me how many projects you’ve all done n how long you worked with Daddy on construction sites and how much schoooling ya got, i say that’s some good shit, good for you and am sure ya’s done many things i could never do and wouldn’t want to do, obviously… but all that doesn’t mean YOU folks have hands on knowledge, EXXXXperience on these dang jobs but go ahead, fire back n cry about it