Bogus NACHI members

NACHI logo on this site and not one NACHI member on staff:

Read their bios, they took the nachi test and passed…

More dreamers?

I’ll get Nick on this…

Rowan is a member.

Without me doing any research right now, has anyone checked every members iNACHI status?

Get"em they are in my neck of the woods. When you go to their site a live person answers

In my option nice website maybe member in good standing.

I don’t see a Michael Rowan listed under “featured inspectors”

They show up under when searching in NC and SC but they are located in FL.

He’s a vendor.

This says he is an inspector.

The inspectors are Brian Thomee, Carl Sanders, Daniel Jardine, Martin Cohen, Michael Rowan,

He calls himself an inspector, I believe. In fact, I think he calls himself a CMI.

Off with his head!

I actually took the time to engage with there online operator, here’s how it went.

Q. Are you looking for an inspection?

A. No

Q. Are you a realtor?

A. No

Q. then, how may I help you?

A. I understand your inspectors are certified, do you belong to NACHI?

Q. I will have to have one of our principals answer that for you, can you leave your contact info?

A. Yes. (Sorry Nick)

No contact after that!


That is a good idea you are suggesting. Maybe others should call in and question them??:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Well (all in all) they should be removing the NACHI logo from their website. Not one inspector there is a member.

And with the email reply I received from Nick regarding Rowan and this thread, I don’t think Rowan is on Nick’s good side.

I will not repeat what Nick stated… Let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t want your kids hearing this language.


Does that mean the $$100,000 check from Mike for CMI boxes in front of all realtors offices across the country didn’t clear the bank??:roll: :roll:

Dang it… I was ready to send ole nickey a ck to be a certified master inspector as soon as I saw some here.

This thread has just come to my attention. . .

Peter, I have posted the actual complete transcript below, the last few lines were left off your post:

Larry: Hi! My name is Larry. I’m a LIVE site greeter. Welcome to Ameripro Inspection Corporation!
Larry: May I have your name please?
Visitor 2011: Pete
Larry: Nice to have you with us, Pete!
Larry: Are you looking for a professional home inspector?
Pete: No
Larry: Alright, May I confirm if you’re a realtor?
Pete: No, I’m not a Realtor
Larry: No problem, What is the purpose of your visit on our website today?
Pete: I understand you are certified inspectors, are you currentlly members of NACHI?
Larry: I believe our experts are better suited to answer that for you, Pete.
Larry: Please leave your contact details so we can get back to you.
Pete: OK thanks,
Larry: Can I have your phone number as well?
Larry: Are you there?
Larry: Thank you for visiting Ameripro Inspection Corporation. Have a great day! You can contact me ! at any time with questions just by clicking on the Live Operator button!

I apologize for the logo on the website, I was supposed to remove this a long time ago, the homepage was updated but the internal pages of the site were not. Thank you for bring it to our attention as none of our inspectors are NACHI members any longer.

Thanks for your interest in, it is a great way to generate traffic and help agents. The internet is changing the way inspectors do business, everyone should be ready.

Also, for those inspectors with the experience and qualifications, take a look at, the future of real estate transactions. We have had tremendous success so far with this program and want to help everyone else interested.

Have a great day!

Requirements to Become a Certified Pre-Owned Listing building inspector:


** I didn’t know you had to do 250 inspections to become a member of ASHI or NAHI.

You cant use the ASHI logo unless you have completed 250 inspections I do not know about NAHI. I do know that you have pass the NHIE to join them.
Nick will come on and tell us all that all you have to do is pay your money and you can join ASHI but they cannot use the logo unless you have 250 inspections and passed the NHIE.

Catherine, thank you for the honest response, I waited several minutes and there was no response so I logged off.

I do have one question, why are none of you NACHI members? we have a great organisation and it is well worth the membership due’s.