Boiler age and issues

Inspected a boiler this morning but can’t find it’s age. Thinking around 30 something…
Make is Standard Boilers out of Quebec
Model# GW 741 P
Serial# N 217 :-k




The boiler pressure also started climbing over 35 PSI at only 120 F temp. was at 12 PSI at 80 degrees F.
I’m thinking there is more to this than just a water logged expansion tank. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Certainly the expansion tank is over filled with water. If it is the diaphragm type, it may have failed or lost its air charge. If it is an older style, it should be drained. Convectors / radiators may also need to be bled.
In any event, it should be written up as needing service by a lic. hvac contractor; and not used until the pressure is in the correct range.