Boiler Issue

I had a Utica Boiler today that the front of the side panels and the front cover were so hot that they were pretty much untouchable. The stickers had even burned off. I think I know the issue, but wanted to get some feedback here. It was a gas unit, MFG 1994. Thanks

What was the operating temp of the water .
Was there any indication of back drafting?
Was the flue clear?
Refer to a heating contractor if all else fails , seems to be too hot i never seen one i could not touch

Operating temperature normal( cant remember exact number). It appeared that the combustion gases were getting sucked out the burn chamber and up to the flue (weird) but no back drafting. I differed to the contractor, but I want to understand the issue.

I call the manufacture or ask for what was found sounds interesting . Let us know

Will do. I already checked online, with the manuals, etc. I will check with them. I may check with an HVAC guy that I know too

Ian, can you post a picture?

The areas of discoloration are where it was too hot to touch. Notice how it was on the front. I was almost thinking that there was a missing heat sheild

Another possibility. A cracked jacket.

Hmmm, Good idea. I am going to look that up right now to see if the symptoms fit

That is interesting Ian. I had a similar issue with a Utica boiler last year. The temperature on the outside of the case (in one spot) was 265 degrees. Wonder if there’s a Utica type defect to be aware of. There was even a notation on the side of the boiler to be careful. I deferred it to a tech but when I was back 2 years later the same boiler was still there hot as ever. Curious to see what you find out.

That’s weird, and probably not a coincidence. I have been looking and can’t find a thing. I gotta give them a call in the morning.

My bad it was a furnace not a boiler!

Ian, I don’t know what the interior of the boiler looks like obviously, but I have seen similar issues with Weil-McLain and others when the interior refractory liner collapses or burns through. I assume this is oil fired???. I call it out when I see it.

Still a Utica Though?

. gas fired actually

This is potentially very dangerous and could lead to a ‘runaway boiler incident’. Call for a boiler specialist.

already did, but I am just trying to figure it out. I am OCD about these things and I like to understand them for my own sake. Have you seen this issue before?

I would almost bet it has cracked outer jacket . let us know Ian

. Thats what I am leaning toward too. I will only know if my client tells me how it ends up. I think you are right though

If it’s a furnace why is there a hose bib? That scorching is not right, refer to technician for evaluation and repair…