Boiler Shutdown

Hi all,

I inspected a house 4 months ago and it had an old boiler heating system. During the inspection the boiler operated fine but had a few issues that were pointed out to be corrected.

I just got a call from the new owner who has some issues with it. They just signed a new service contract and the new company service person came for a “tune up”. The owner tells me that the report stated something that the “shutdown is unsafe!!!”, it needing new something about “compression”, a new oil line and recommended to replace with a new boiler (of course leaving a catalog).

We both agreed that at the time of the inspection the boiler was operating properly. I also explained that my inspection is only limited in scope and is not as in depth as a service technician from a heating company I also explained that we do not test every control and swith on the boiler on a typical home inspection.

The twist is that the previous owner had a service guy in one month after me and found no real issues. So now this guy doesn’t know who to believe.

I told him that I was not a heating service technician and could not offer him any further or better in depth knowledge, that an professional independant third party would be best.

Does this sound right. I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing overall.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


Ask who was the ‘previous’ service tech, and get them back. There might be a service agreement that had ‘transferible’ services.


If boiler shutdown through any of the safety controls was unsafe, the tech. should have left the boiler off and red tagged.
He could have noticed a leaky oil supply line that needed new tubing and compression fittings.
Sounds like he was trying to scare the customer into buying a new boiler.
An uninterested third party opinion would be wise.