Boiler Training, where?

I have to take the National Home Inspector Exam and it involves lots of Boiler questions, I am told. Down here in Florida we don’t see many so…where can I find some training info. like the NACHI Education on-line type? The NACHI TRAINING IS GREAT BUT NONE ON BOILERS.

Gee, that raises a good point, that the NHIE is a mute point!


if you have to take it, you can study for that test on their website.

Any book written by Dan Holohan, and in particular, “The Lost Art of Steam Heating”. Poke around in his website and forum site at The best in the business for hydronic and steam information.

This book has a lot of boiler info that I read as a rookie.

NHIE boiler questions are very baisic, you would be wise to study NHIE test study questions with regards to boilers. And be able to ID an Octopus, they seem to love that set up.

Thanks again Gentlemen

You might also find it helpful to review an installation and operation guide for a boiler. Here’s one:

Codecheckis a good general study guide for the NHIE.

Boiler training Inter state 35 and hwy 60 restaurant Tonkawa Ok. Sat. Morning Coffee 7 Am Saturday mornings. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry I could not resist.</IMG></IMG>

I have a tool buddy from my other life that his speciality was boilers and am trying to get him on line for some chat we worked many years together and he is excellent on boilers. BIG ones.

Maybe this is a PA thing, but I agree with Marc. ‘The Lost Art of Steam Heating’ is the best. If your in the Northeast, you need this book!

Light reading on boiler code.