Hello, I inspected a home that had a Steward-Warner Winkler Econo Section Boiler SN# E-27192-D. I am looking for information on the age. My guess would be 1992, but I want to be certain. I searched google for hours but could not find the info I was looking for. Does anyone know how to determine the date on this unit? For that matter is there a site on the web that inspectors could use as a ready reference for the age of any component?

Thanks, Bob

That tag looks older than 92… do you have a picture of the boiler itself?
FWIW, I find it amusing sometimes how inspectors get so infatuated with date codes in determining the age of units, especially when you’re spending hours trying LOL. I spend about 5 or 10 minutes (if thaf) and if I can’t find it I simply note that the unit/system appeared older or newer, any other relevant information that applies (operation, maintenance, etc.), and then move on… you may want to think about doing the same;-)

How old was the home?

Stewart-Warner Boilers were last listed in 1976. see the bottom of the slide directly after the registered trademark info. Stewart-Warner HVAC AGE | Building Intelligence Center