Bold lettering in Forum posts vs. regular

Has anyone figured out why the titles in new posts are in Bold and others not?
Why the difference in the message board posts. :slight_smile:

It so that you know which ones you clicked on already.


So why did this post show up in plain text.? Clicking on it is not the answer.

They should be all bold, until you click on a link. Change browsers… does that change how it reacts?

Did not make a difference.

No big deal, but been curious over the years that when a post is made it is always left in a plain state.

Bold lettering in the thread title just means there are posts in that thread you personally have not seen yet.

Well actually, I clicked on a bolded one and it did not make any difference, it is still bold.

Just thought I would bring it up, no big deal.

Let it go I guess.

If there is more than one page and you haven’t seen the last page on the thread then it will remain bold.Also if you start a thread it will not be bold until someone else posts to the thread that you haven’t read yet.

In addition, it may still be bold because you clicked “Back” in your browser after reading a thread. Modern browsers tend to cache the pages so pressing “Back” happens quickly. If you refresh the page after you click “Back”, it should work correctly.