Bond cost

Chuck McKenna just contacted me with updated cost for bonds. The $10,000.00 bond will cost $125.00 per year and less if you go for two or three years.
He did mention that InterNachi was looking at a blanket bond (not with him) that may reduce the cost further.
No idea how the InterNachi bond is coming along and who is looking after it?
Chuck also said, he was talking with Scott Hood last week and Scott indicated that the bond would not be dropped as it is required by all other licence programs but next year there will be a requirement for liability insurance.

John after the BS nick pulled with the training application I would not hold my breath waiting for nick to do any thing about the bonding. I would go with the insurance co as they will make a commitment. There is no way I will ever trust anything nick says.
That old saying;
Screw me once shame on you.
Screw me twice shame on me.
I can promise you, Nobody ever screws me twice.

The cost for Hub is:
1 year- $200.00
3 year- $375.00
5 year- $500.00

$25.00 per year discount if you are a CAPHI member!

From my research, I’d say $125 is a great price.

Yea and it looks like they bought them all up as I still have not received mine in the mail. Called Kim Thursday and she said it was in the mail. at this rate I will be out of business on Sept. 1st

Met with Chuck, Aqua Insurance yesterday and he quoted $300.00 for a three year $10,000.00 bond.
Having two insurance companies is doing wonders for premium costs